October Freebie and Other Details

This week I thought I would offer a freebie for the game I mentioned in Teach Piano Today’s Podcast interview. If you didn’t get to hear the interview you can go here. I discuss how I use games to teach theory in my piano studio.

So if your just starting out and want to add games to your piano studio you can check out this week’s freebie, Caterpillar Scales, in the store (It’s at the very bottom of the list) . Just enter code FREE101105. Enjoy!

caterpillar scales game


On another note, a kind reader today informed me that my subscribe widget was not working properly. If you have tried to subscribe before and it was not successful, it should be fixed now. Also if you were previously subscribed you may want to subscribe again as I am now using a different plugin for this and the emails don’t look like they transferred.



One Thought on “October Freebie and Other Details

  1. Thanks for the free download! I’m so excited to use it with my students.

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