Theory Games for Christmas part 3

Snowmen Cap Match Up is a great game to practice treble clef notes from Middle C to G and is an easy game even beginners can play.

Print and cut out the needed resources. Place the cut out caps for the snowmen in a pile. Players take turns drawing caps and matching them to the correct snowman on their board. The first player to place the correct cap on all their snowmen wins.

You can download the game here.


treble cleff c to G snowmen

3 Thoughts on “Theory Games for Christmas part 3

  1. I just wanted to say “Thank you!” for the fun Christmas games you’ve been giving us! I’ve been playing more games with my students this semester and they’ve been loving it (especially my little ones). Even if it’s a really simple game, it makes them excited and they love it when they beat me! 🙂 So, again, thank you!!

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