Teaching Chords with Games

As I began using games in my studio to teach theory, I found there were not many games for teaching chords to students. In order to continue using games to help my students understand more advanced theory concepts, I started creating my own games focused on these concepts. This week’s game is Cupcake Chords.


Cupcake Chords gives students practice identifying, playing, and spelling the most common major chords. It includes practice  product photo copywith C,D,E,F,G,A,B,B flat and E flat Major. Students are either asked to name a chord, play a chord, or what notes are in a particular chord. Children love the cupcake theme of this game and it is a great way to solidify at student’s understanding of common chords.

From now to next Wednesday (October 26th-30th) only, this game will be 20% off the regular price. Just use code NOV20. This code will only be good till Wednesday at midnight. You can find the game in the store.


I hope you enjoy this wonderful game with your students this week!

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