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8 tips for Scheduling Piano Lessons This Fall

8 Tips for Scheduling Piano Lessons This FallAt the beginning of every fall semester there is always a week or two full of the hassles and worries of scheduling students.  Somehow things always seem to workout in the end and everyone finds a time that works, but until that point most private teachers find that stress is running high.

Here are some tips they may not eliminate all stress but help reduce some of the pressure.

1. Although there are always those last minute changes I try to make a mock schedule in July.  This helps me not over fill my studio. Though I will still take one or two students if I appear full I do not guarantee a weekday time, thus these families are aware they may need to come on Saturday once school starts.

2. Offer your parents Saturday for lessons. You may be surprise who is willing or even eager to come on Saturday. For best results be willing to teach Saturday morning.

3. Families who have taken from me for a while usually know I will reserve the same general time for them. Make it easy for yourself and put these students in your schedule first.

4. Schedule families with siblings taking first. Try to make it easy on parents. They are busy enough as it is. Try to keep their trips to your studio to one a week if possible. They will greatly appreciate this.

4. Usually I do younger students first and older students later. So much better for the little ones. Also try to put longer lessons later in the day. If you fill up 3:14 to 4:00 with a 45min and have an open slot at 4:00 instead of 3:45 you might deter a new family with a young child. Schedule wisely.

5. A few ears ago I started scheduling students who had taken longest first. When necessary, I kindly explained to newer families that the longer you take the more ‘seniority’ you have in requesting lessons times. Every single family I have ever had has completely understood this policy and has actually been grateful to know that the longer they take they may very likely get a lesson time they like better. 

6. What to do if a family wants a different lesson time than you can offer. I simply have them tell me 2 or 3 preferred times and let them know that as soon as one of those times open up they may take it.  You never know when someone else is going to suddenly move away or simply need to change times.

7. Worried about loosing students over scheduling? Don’t. Instead make yourself such an enthusiastic teacher with unique opportunities that everyone wants to be in your studio!

8. Be flexible. Realize these are not set and fast rules. There are sometimes you may need to bend.


Over the years I have wanted a calendar system that worked well for scheduling lessons but never could find anything. I tried office supply stores, online, and using the computer. In the end, I found nothing I liked. The computer was easy to edit, but I wanted something I could easily grab and cute! So this year I made my own. I am currently working on corresponding materials to help with the business side of teaching and organization so check back soon for more.

Scheduling Students- 8 tips for making it easier

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