Preschool Music Camp: Part 2

As I was planning this summer’s preschool camp, I knew I wanted to introduce middle C to the preschool students. Because preschool students need concepts broken into small manageable pieces for them to grasp concepts, I decided the first step in introducing middle C would be to lay a solid foundation for understanding the musical staff. In part one, I covered how I laid a solid foundation for the musical staff and began preparing students to learn middle C.  On the following camp day I introduced middle C.

An important skills in learning and remembering middle C is the ability to identify middle C versus other notes. For young children all the notes on the staff can look similar which causes confusion. Preschool students can often think that any note on a line is middle C. With this knowledge I planned games for camp that would help students learn to determine the difference between middle C and all other notes.


camp part 2 middle C

After I briefly introduced middle C on a large staff board and had each student to make their own middle C on the staff board, we the two games below.

Treasure Hunt:

For this game I printed flash cards and taped them to large foam squares. Many of the cards were middle C but some were other notes. I then laid the cards out to create a maze with different path choices but only one correct path. To determine the correct path, students needed to find only the middle C cards. When they came to a path choice one path had a middle C while the other path had another note. The goal was for students to reach the end of the maze where I put a small prize, such as a sticker or other fun item, for each of the students. This game was a huge hit with the students.

Apple Picking:

The second game I played with the students was apple picking. For this game I created a tree out of cardstock and taped it to the wall. On the tree I taped apples that I had printed with either middle C or another note on them. The goal of the game was to gather all the “sweet apples” (middle C) and discard all the “sour apples” (not middle C). Each student took turns picking one apple off the wall and deciding it was “sweet” or “Sour”. Though this was a simple game I was surprised by how popular it was. Due to the simplicity of this game I actually plan to add it to my regular weekly games with students.


If you would like to use either of these games in your studio here and here are sheets of apples you can print and here and here are sheets of middle C flash cards with a few other cards as well.

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