Piano Practice Incentive

Around The World Piano Practice Incentive! 

Looking to motivate students to practice?

Tired of hearing “I forgot to practice” and other excuses?

Are you sick of spending hours and hours working on fun ways to keep your students motivated?

Solve the problem of student practice with a practice incentive everyone can enjoy!

For a Limited Time Only $20!

In Around the World, students travel around the world map completing practice assignments that encourage fun effective practice. 

Students can also work towards earning visas by completing additional projects and assignments that are rewarded with an additional prize at the end of the incentive. They progress through the map by completing practice days and practice projects to help encourage productive practice.

The incentive is designed to last 17 weeks but can be adjusted.

All materials are already planned for you,  all you need to do is press print!

The incentive comes with an option to print a large wall map or individual maps for each student so you have flexibility to print what works best for you.

Around The World incentive includes:

  • Map (large and small print options)
  • Project cards
  • Visa cards
  • Playing pieces (not shown in image above)
  • Instructions for easy use

 For a limited time you can get this practice incentive for only $20! 

You can use this incentive as many times as you would like with your students, making it a steal of a deal!

What can Around the World Practice Incentive do in your studio?

  • Encourages structures productive practice with practice projects and/or tips
  • Motivating for both competitive and non-competitive students
  • Save you time and energy with this done-for-you product that is ready to use
  • Teacher, parent, and student approved
  • Easy to implement

I completed this practice incentive with my students last spring and it has been my students favorite practice incentive so far. I saw students who never practice become motivated to practice! Around the world is perfect if you are looking for fun ways to motivate students in the new year!

For a limited time you can get this practice incentive for only $20!