Note Reading Games

Deep Sea Spinner, Learning C Position Notes. A fun and exciting way for student's to practice their notes!Deep Sea Spinner

Deep Sea Spinner reviews C position notes (notes from low C in bass clef to G in the treble clef) Students have a blast spinning to be the first student to bingo or achieve blackout, all while they are improving their note identification. $3.00


Ice Crem Shop is a great game for practicing middle C position notes on the staff. Students have a blast placing naming notes and being the first player to cover all their letters.Ice Cream Shop Notes

Ice cream shop reviews middle c position notes. Beginning students can’t get too much practice with middle C position notes and this is a great game to add an additional fun way to review middle C position notes. $2.00


Crab Races is a fun and exciting to get students sight reading in middle C position. Crab Races takes the boring out of sight reading and fuels this skill with fun and excitementCrab Races

Watch your students become excellent sight readers and having fun. Not only will students be playing a fun game but they will actually be sight reading too! Students practice sight reading middle C position notes. Cards are in 3/4 or 4/4 time signatures and focus on sight reading steps on the staff. Students will have a blast helping their crab find the ocean all while they improve their sight reading skills. $3.00

Gum Ball Bass Clef Notes
Bubble Gum Bass Clef Notes

Bubble Gum Bass Clef Notes is a great game to learn or practice all the notes in the bass clef.  Students will have a blast playing while also practicing all their bass clef notes. $2.00


Get this note value pack full of fun frest games to teach middle C and C position notes, and give your students some new fun games to keep their reading skills sharp!Note Learning Value Pack

Get Ice Cream Shop, Crab Races, Deep Sea Spinner, plus two bonus games only available in this pack. Have all these amazing resources at your finger tips and keep piano games fresh with new resources for students to practice their note names. $ 8.00