My Favorite Resource for Teaching Online Lessons (Online Teaching Weeks 2-6)

This week I added my new favorite tool for teaching virtual lessons! 

I have a mic stand with an attached phone holder for an overhead view of the piano. This has helped my students have more productive lessons for several reasons. 

  1. My younger students can easily see what I am playing and better understand what they need to do differently. (Many of my very young students needed some concrete examples of I see you playing F # but I need you to play B etc rather than just my words, they can read music but were just need some extra reinforcement) 
  2. It’s helped me explain fingering more efficiently: I was recently teaching a new student about finger cross overs and once she saw an overview of the keys and me demonstrating it finally clicked) 
  3. Lessons are more efficient
  4. I can easily demonstrate technique I want students to implement.
  5. To parents, it’s a huge plus that I am doing everything I can to make virtual lessons as similar to in person lessons as possible.  

I saw Melody Payne post a pic of her set up and I then purchased this mic stand to hold my phone, and this bike phone holder (which I attached to the mid stand to hold my phone). I am also now providing these to any employee who requests them.

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