Four Free Christmas Themed Music Games

Looking for some holiday games to add some fun to music theory this Christmas? Check out these three free Christmas themed music theory games.  And a bonus winter themed game to practice the whole and half step pattern in major or minor scales.

Mix up piano lessons this Decmeber with four fee Christmas themed muisic theory games.

Mitten Match Up

A Gingerbread Journey

Snowmen Match Up Caps

Penguin Scales

Looking for games to use all year round? Check out the store section.


2 Thoughts on “Four Free Christmas Themed Music Games

  1. I love the games that you have posted and so do my students! Thank you so much for all your work. I would love to use the letter name cards that go with the penguin scales, but have not been able to download them. When you posted them originally and I tried, they finally came up on the computer, but wouldn’t print. I have since tried them on a couple of other computers and printers and still have not been able to print them. Could you possibly send me a Word document or pdf version that I would be able to be printed?

    • musicteachingadventures on February 8, 2015 at 9:49 am said:

      Hi Patti,
      So sorry you are having trouble. I will send you a pdf of the letter cards. So that I can problem solve the issue and keep it from happening to others is the page not loading in drop box or do you not have an option to print the page? When I try it, it seems to work but I have a drop box account. Blogging is still new for me and I want to try and workout kinks so it is easy for everyone to access the games.

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