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Online Teaching Week 1

Like most other teachers in the US we converted our studio of over 10 teachers (teaching voice, violin, and piano) to virtual lessons at the beginning of last week.

I thought it would be fun to keep track of the things I’ve learned, new things we implement each week, and what doesn’t work.

Like most studios, we also have and I think will continue to see a drop in the number of students continuing with online lessons.

Right now our focus is bringing quality instruction integrated with virtual lesson for our current students. Were also trying to add more value for the same price so everyone feels they are coming out ahead including both teachers and students.

I have found zoom works best, though facetime is my second choice.
I like having two views, one of the keys and one of my face. I have the computer on my face and currently ordered a mic stand to make the view of the piano keys easier. Until this comes in I am leaning my phone against the end of the piano and will adjust by hand as needed for aerial views.
I will alternate what students can primarily view with the “feature video option”.

Things I found helpful:
Keeping a copy of the students music on hand assists with communication
I like uploading worksheets and more to My Music Staff so students can practice with extra resources during this time.
I’m offering a free practice session for any who wants to join once a week on Thursdays from 1 to 1:45.
I personally have a zoom pro account but most of my instructors do not and it is working fine.
We have been extending some extra grace for missed lessons.
In Lieu of a die to practice sections, repetition, etc. I found an app for a random number picker. You can set the numbers to choose from.
A white board and dry erase marker
Discuss measures vrs lines (I might have inwardly cringed when I had to do this!)

Problems I’m still working to solve:
What will this look like in the long term?
How can our studio continue to grow during this time? (we’ve all lost students, which is income we need to replace)
I found that constantly turning on the piano bench makes my neck sore Today I am going to try a swivel chair to try and solve this problem.
What is our plan for teacher illness beyond 1 week, who will sub etc.