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A new game for teaching Treble Clef Notes

This weeks game give students practice naming treble clef note from middle C to the low G. Students match the correct bird to the birdhouse. The first student to make all their matches first wins. The game intentionally includes and bird with the letters A and B even though those are not not names they are practicing. I like to include these unnecessary letters so that students are required to think more. I tell them they are trick “questions”. I hope your students enjoy the game. It takes 5 minutes or less to play so it as easy activity to add at the end of lessons.  You can download the game for free here.

I would love to hear if you are finding the weekly game posts helpful. Are there any games on specific topics you would like to see? Leave a comment on what your looking for and I can post a game in the coming weeks.


Treble Clef Bird Match-up



Free Game: Little Lost Princess

Following in last weeks theme I have another princess game board you can use with your little girls. Simply download and print the game board. Gather a dice and two playing pieces and your favorite set of flash cards. For each time a student draws and correctly answers the flash card they may then roll the dice and move the corresponding spaces. The first player to help the princess find her way home wins.


little lost princess game board




Princess Match-up

About two years ago I was teaching a young girl who was struggling with her bass clef notes. Knowing she loved princesses I created this game (and a few others I will post soon). I thought you all would enjoy using this game with those little girls in your studio. Print two game boards and two sheets of princess cards. Cut out the princess cards and matching them to the corresponding carriage.  You can download the game herePrincess match-up note game